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Compare and purchase the best
car insurance rates in Halifax.
Compare and purchase the best
car insurance
rates in Halifax.
Get free & accurate quotes from Canada’s top car insurance providers.
In just a few minutes, our quoter can unlock discounts that can have
you saving hundreds of dollars a year on average.
Get free & accurate quotes from Canada’s top car insurance providers. In just a few minutes, our quoter can unlock discounts that can have you saving hundreds of dollars a year on average.
Type of auto coverage we provide
Liability Coverage
Provides protection against a lawsuit resulting from damaged property or personal injuries.
Comprehensive Coverage
Typically covers fire, hail, theft, collision with an animal, vandalism, and falling objects among others. (subject to a deductible).
Collision Coverage
Provides coverage to repair/replace your car if it's damaged in an at-fault accident, hit and run or with an uninsured driver.
Accident Forgiveness
Allows one 'free' at-fault accident, meaning your rates will not increase on your first accident if you remain with the same provider.
Windshield Coverage
Windows are included in comprehensive* however; you have the option to remove this coverage to lower your premium. (*Not Included in Alberta.)
Car Rental Coverage
You can extend your car insurance coverage to protect you while driving a rental vehicle, up to a certain limit.
Depreciation Coverage
In the event of a "total loss", this coverage will protect you from depreciation. You’ll be entitled to the original price you paid/current sale price.
Family protection
Protects you or a family member if injured or killed in an accident caused by an uninsured/under-insured motorist.
Save up to 25% by bundling your home and auto insurance
Start an auto quote and say Yes to bundling. A dedicated advisor will assist you in finding you savings on your auto and property policies
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Get the best rates from Canada’s top insurance providers

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On average, Surex saves its customers $759 per year on their insurance.



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Save up to 25% on car insurance in Halifax

If you’ve ever been to Halifax, then you know it’s difficult to pinpoint precisely why it's so charming. This isn’t due to a lack of charm, mind you; it’s the opposite. The coastal city of Halifax is a beautiful place to live. It’s home to tight-knit communities, wonderful residents and has a reasonable price of living. Plus, there’s even a saltwater ferry that you can ride!

If you haven’t got your sea legs, then you’ll most likely need to use your car to get around the city of Halifax and the rest of Nova Scotia. This means that you’ll need to find car insurance that works with your budget and meets your specific needs. Finding low cost auto insurance in Halifax can be difficult… unless you team up with a Surex insurance advisor!

You can rely on our team of Surex insurance advisors to provide you with the best car insurance quotes in Halifax from the top car insurance companies in Canada. We can supply you with multiple online insurance quotes in ten minutes or less. Call or click today to learn how we can help you save up to 25% on the best insurance in Halifax.

How do I get the best car insurance rate?
Compare quotes! Surex partners with the top insurance providers in Canada to provide you with multiple quotes, ensuring you’re getting the best possible car insurance rate. You might also be eligible for car insurance discounts, such as a good credit discount or claims-free discount. Your Surex insurance advisor will work with you to help you find car insurance discounts you qualify for.

Car Insurance in Halifax - What You Need to Know

  • Don’t be distracted. Since 2008, Nova Scotia has banned the use of texting and mobile phone usage while driving, with first-time offenders facing a $172.50 fine and three demerit points on their license. There is so much to pay attention to while driving, and looking at your phone simply isn’t one of them. If you plan on using your phone’s GPS for directions, have it programmed and mounted in an easy-to-see location before starting your vehicle.
  • Watch for wildlife. Halifax motorists should always be on the lookout for wildlife wandering around or running onto the streets. Moose and deer are the animals most commonly involved in vehicle collisions, especially during their mating season in the fall, when they can be quite aggressive. In 2016, there were 288 reports of vehicles colliding with large animals on Nova Scotia’s highways. So drive with caution and always keep your eyes peeled for our creature friends.
  • Obey the rules of the road. According to a 2015 Safe Driving Study, Halifax is the most dangerous city in which to drive in Canada. Ranking 81 cities in terms of road safety, Halifax came out on the bottom, with the highest percentage increase of vehicle collisions. To ensure you arrive alive and don’t become another driving statistic, always follow the rules of the road, including speed, traffic, impairment, and insurance — and always keep your vehicle well-maintained and clear of any snow or debris.
  • Get a new auto insurance quote each year. Your driving situation can change, as can the rates of insurance companies, so you’re wise to review your policy annually and get an updated automobile insurance quote in advance of your current policy auto-renewing. It’s fast and easy to shop around online for a better rate, and saving a small amount each month can add up to significant savings over the course of your year-long auto insurance policy.
  • Winter tires. Halifax may not have Canada’s worst winters, but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t get plenty cold. As a rule of thumb, when the weather drops below 7 degrees Celsius, it’s time to install approved winter tires on your vehicle. Winter tires not only guarantee you a discount on your premium (typically around 5%), but their softer rubber compound helps you stop more quickly in cold, wet, and icy conditions.
  • Save by bundling. If you’re a driver in Halifax, chances are you’re either a renter or a homeowner. If you have two insurance policies — home and auto — combining them both with the top car insurance companies in Canada can mean savings of up to 10% on your home policy and up to 15% on your auto policy. Speak to the best insurance broker about bundling and other available discounts on car insurance in Halifax.
  • Pay on time. It seems like a no-brainer, but a surprising number of policyholders miss payments. This not only results in a penalty, but it can result in increased rates or being declined insurance altogether. The top car insurance companies in Canada want to know you’re a low-risk customer, and one of the best ways to show them you are is by making your payments on time. If you’re afraid you’ll forget, set reminders in your calendar, automate your payments through your bank, allow your online auto insurance company to withdraw your instalments, or pay for your full premium at once (which will net you a discount!).

At Surex, our three-step process will ensure that you end up with the best car insurance in Halifax. Here’s how it works:

  1. Personalized insurance quotes: Surex will capture some of your basic information — either by phone or online — and then shop the market for you. In under 10 minutes, you’ll have up to 10 personalized insurance offers to choose from.
  2. Customize your offers: Once you receive the initial quote, you can edit your information, compare insurance companies and compare quotes to find the best overall value.
  3. Purchase and manage 24/7: Once you’ve selected an online car insurance quote & reviewed the insurance policy with your dedicated insurance broker,  you can electronically sign documents to receive instant proof of insurance when you get insurance online. If you’d rather speak with someone we will connect you with a Dedicated Insurance Assistant to walk you through all the options and answer any questions you might have. Once finished, your documents will arrive in the mail and you can manage your policy 24/7 with our ‘My Surex’ login feature.

To find affordable car insurance premiums, Halifax drivers can do a number of things, including comparing rates between providers, bundling multiple policies, installing winter tires, completing a safe driving course, paying the full premium at once (instead of in monthly installments), avoiding unneeded coverages, requesting to raise deductibles, and asking their Dedicated Insurance Assistant what other discounts they qualify for.

Additionally, premium savings are usually seen when drivers reach the age of 25 with a clean driving record and no history of missed payments.

Vehicle age does affect premium, but it’s not the only factor. Insurers look at a range of variables in order to assess the likelihood (and cost) of a claim, including vehicle make and model, driver information (age, sex, city in which the policyholder lives, driving history, etc.), and the chance that your vehicle may be stolen (and the cost to replace it).

The more likely an auto insurance company determines you are to make a claim, the higher your car insurance premium in Halifax will be, and vice versa.

A deductible is the amount of money a policyholder is required to pay if they make a claim and collect an insurance payout. Consider it the portion of the payout that the policyholder is responsible for shouldering.

For instance, if the deductible on your Collision coverage is $1,000, and the policyholder is involved in a Collision, they will be responsible for paying $1,000 before their insurance company covers the remainder of the damages. As a way to lower their annual premium, a policyholder may request to have their deductibles raised — but they should be in a position to afford to pay the deductible should they ever need to make a car insurance claim in Halifax.

​​There’s a common myth that car insurance in Halifax follows the driver. It doesn’t. It follows the car. So if you lend your car to a friend and they get in an at-fault accident, the damage will be covered by your policy, but it will likely also result in an increased premium. So be sure you trust whomever borrows your vehicle, and if they’re driving it on a regular basis, speak with your Dedicated Insurance Assistant about whether they should be added as an occasional driver on your policy.

The minimum automobile insurance that drivers are required to hold varies by province, but it’s always a good idea to ask your Dedicated Insurance Assistant if you have enough auto insurance coverage to meet your individual driving needs. Beyond mandatory coverage required by the Nova Scotia provincial government (minimum $500,000 Third Party Liability, Direct Compensation, Uninsured/Unidentified Auto Coverage, Mandatory Accident Benefits) there are additional coverages that may suit your situation, such as Collision and Comprehensive coverage.

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Hit the road with confidence knowing you’re covered with the right car insurance for your needs at
the lowest possible rate. Here are some of the top spots in Halifax to explore on your next road trip.

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