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At Surex we believe that people should always come first.
Surex employees

We have some pretty cool tech, we can offer a personalized quote from up to 10 of Canada’s best carriers to ensure that you will always get the best value.

But none of that matters if our customer service isn't 100%. So we make sure we have rockstars on our team from our Advisors, to our CSR's, Marketing to IT, we know there is no I in "team" and we know everyone here makes things better for our customers and we are so proud of the team we have!

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Nobody loves buying insurance, we know that. That is why it is our mission to make it the best experience we can. When you get assigned an Advisor ( or we prefer to call them your dedicated assistant), that assistant will be consistent the whole time.

Need to add a car to your policy, call your assistant. Need to add a second person to your home policy, call your assistant. So go live your life, bake some bread, have an adventure, don’t sweat the small stuff and leave your insurance to us.

At Surex we're in this together, which means, you're never in this alone.

Our Principles
be authentic
Be Authentic

Respect others time, set and communicated reasonable expectations, show gratitude, demonstrate integrity and be transparent.

exceed expectations
Exceed expectations

To continually strive to act in the best interest of our consumers, brokers by definition should be an advocate of the customer first. We strive to always live up to this definition.

embrace change
Embrace Change

True growth comes through the process of embracing change, both personal and professional. A Growth mindset will allow us to maximize our potential and provide value to our customers and community.

give back charity
Give Back

We believe in being actively involved in the communities we are established in and to strive to positvely impact those around us. Surex team members are coaches, mentors, music teachers and babysitters. We serve on school boards, in community groups, and are supporters of youth programs.

Who we are
Lance Miller
Lance Miller
Co-Founder and CEO

Lance is the Chief Executive Officer at Surex. 

Matt Alston
Matt Alston
Co-Founder and COO

Matt is the Chief Operating Officer at Surex. 

Our Story:

Lance Miller and Matt Alston struck up a friendship as fellow business owners from Magrath, a small town in Southern Alberta. Miller owned a bricks and mortar insurance brokerage and Alston owned a direct marketing company when one day, Miller asked Alston if he would be interested in buying Miller’s father’s insurance brokerage in nearby Raymond, Alberta. In 2005, Miller risked everything to purchase the brokerage in Magrath. The Banking Act was being restructured, and major financial institutions were looking to get into the insurance industry. Miller and Alston wondered why consumers would want to purchase insurance from banks, and surmised that it was because the massive organizations had the tools and resources to provide a good customer experience. They sought to do better by providing an exceptional experience to their customers, as well as other stakeholders.

While the initial plan was to expand the business by acquiring other brick and mortar brokerages, they soon saw the tremendous opportunity to become an online insurance provider, which would allow them to scale the company while still running the business from Magrath. Surex launched its beta site in 2012. The company has been bootstrapped by Miller and Alston, and in the early years, the pair reinvested profit back into the company.

Today, Surex is Canada’s fastest growing online insurance provider!

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