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Compare and purchase the best
home insurance rates in Northwest Territories.
Compare and purchase the best
home insurance
rates in Northwest Territories.
Get free & accurate quotes from Canada’s top home insurance providers.
In just a few minutes, our quoter can unlock discounts that can have
you saving hundreds of dollars a year on average.
Get free & accurate quotes from Canada’s top home insurance providers. In just a few minutes, our quoter can unlock discounts that can have you saving hundreds of dollars a year on average.
Type of Coverage We Provide
Home Insurance
This provides coverage for loss and damage to your property and/or any assets.
Liability Coverage
Provides protection against a lawsuit resulting from damaged property or personal injuries.
A predetermined amount of money that you must pay towards the cost of the claim. Home insurance has different deductibles for different coverage.
Sewer Backup, Overland/Ground Water
These are optional coverages you can buy that protect you for water damage such as sewer back up and fresh water flooding.
Claims Forgiveness
This allows for the protection of your “claims free discount” in the event of your first claim.
Scheduled Items
Referring to 'special limits' on items like jewellery or art if the value is greater than the special limit you should list the item separately.
Comprehensive Insurance Coverage
When you purchase comprehensive home coverage, it means you are covered for anything that is not excluded.
Broad Coverage
When you purchase broad home coverage, it limits your contents coverage to only specific coverages, (ie. theft, fire, water damage, etc.)
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Comparing rates from Canada's leading Insurance Providers
Northwest Territories home insurance rates vs. other provinces
Northwest Territories has the second-highest home insurance rates in Canada due to a variety of factors, including insurance fraud, severe weather, and the rising cost of home repairs. While home insurance in Northwest Territories can be expensive, it doesn’t have to be. Start a free quote with us now to find out how much you could save!


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See how our customers save big on home insurance
At Surex, we’re dedicated to helping you find the right insurance for the best price. We do all the heavy lifting for you, so you can be sure you’re getting the lowest possible rate. Check out how we’ve helped these Northwest Territories homeowners save on home insurance.




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Home Insurance in the Northwest Territories - What You Need to Know

You will need the following information to ensure the accuracy of your home insurance quote in the Northwest Territories:

  • Square footage of your home
  • Year your home was built
  • Details on any upgrades or modifications
  • Your exact address
  • Your personal home insurance claims history  

A few factors are instrumental in determining home insurance rates in the Northwest Territories:

  • Insurance data: The home insurance carriers in your area, both city and province, will have compiled data over the years relating to the amount of home insurance claims in your area. If you’re fortunate enough to live in an area where there haven't been many claims, then your home insurance rates will be lower, all things equal, compared to someone that lives in an area where there have been frequent home insurance claims.
  • The value of your home: This is important as the company insuring your home will need to know the potential replacement cost of your home. Of course, they and you both hope they’ll never need to replace your home due to a claim.
  • Your home insurance history: Home insurers are interested in your personal, prior home insurance claims history. If applicable, be prepared to share your most recent ten years of home insurance history. If you don’t have ten years of home insurance history, you’ll need to disclose however many years you have.

The best insurance broker knows that the number one reason a person will switch their home insurance policy from one insurance carrier to another is price — the most affordable home insurance price wins. This is why we get as many discounts as we can through our home insurance partners. Discounts for online insurance in the Northwest Territories can include the following:

  • Good credit discount
  • Mortgage-free discount
  • Renewal discount
  • Occupational discount
  • Alarm/home security discount
  • Bundle discount
  • Claims-free discount
  • Sewer back-up discount
  • New business discount
  • Flex discount
  • Loyalty discount
  • Age discount
  • Smoke-free home discount
  • Household discount
  • Multi-lines discount
  • Gated community discount

Depending on the area of the Northwest Territories where you live, some home insurance coverages might be mandatory. If a home insurance coverage isn’t mandatory, you can choose to add it to your home insurance policy.

We want you to have the best insurance coverage and policy you desire. Speak with your Surex insurance broker about the coverage you want. They’ll be able to let you know how much it is to add/remove coverage on your home insurance in the Northwest Territories.

  • Personal home insurance history: The home insurer you choose to place your home insurance business with will need to know your past home insurance claims history. If applicable, they’ll need to know your most recent ten years of home insurance claims history.
  • Bill payment history: The home insurer you choose to place your business with will need to know your history of paying your home insurance bills. If you have a good track record, you’ll be able to choose whether you pay your annual home insurance premiums monthly or annually.
  • Claims: This relates to the amount of home insurance claims insurers have had, or haven’t had, in your area. If you live in an area with minimal claims, then your home insurance will be less — all things equal — compared to a home in an area that has frequent home insurance claims.
  • Coverage: Depending on where you live in the Northwest Territories, some home insurance coverages will be mandatory by the home insurer you’re looking to place your business with.
  • Options: If a home insurance coverage isn’t mandatory, then you can choose whether to add it to your home insurance policy or not. Again, we want you to have the exact home insurance policy to match your needs. This is why we don’t do cookie-cutter home insurance policies.
  • Deductible amount: The most common home insurance deductible amount in the Northwest Territories is $3000. This is the amount you, the insured, would need to pay — out of your own pocket — to activate your home insurance policy, in the event of a home insurance claim.
  • Upgrades: If you live in an older home in the Northwest Territories and do certain upgrades, you can be eligible to lower your annual home insurance premium amount by up to 10%. These upgrades would include upgrading outdated electrical, upgrading your home’s plumbing and/or installing a sump pump or backflow valve.
  • Security system: If you’re considering securing your home with a certified home automation system, this is a great way to protect your family as well as become eligible for a home security discount. A home security discount can save you up to 10% on home insurance in the Northwest Territories.

As the Northwest Territories’ home insurance marketplace, we work with the territory’s top home insurance companies, including Aviva, Intact and RSA, so you can choose the most appropriate and affordable home insurance policy for you.

You can customize your coverage:

At Surex, our goal is to get you the exact coverages you want and need. We aren’t here to hand out generic home insurance policies in the Northwest Territories. A tailored policy, just for you, is what we’re about. Your Personal Assistant will be able to help you compare insurance companies and get insurance online in a few short minutes.

In the Northwest Territories, there are two types of home insurance coverages to choose from: broad home insurance and comprehensive home insurance.

Broad home insurance:

Broad home insurance is the cheapest home insurance option available to you. Barring a peril being mandatory in your area of Northwest Territories, you’ll be able to choose what perils you want to add to your home insurance policy. Perils include:

  • Windstorm
  • Hail
  • Explosion
  • Smoke
  • Fire
  • Vandalism
  • Lightning

Comprehensive home insurance:

Comprehensive home insurance is the most extensive/expensive home insurance option available in the Northwest Territories. Comprehensive home insurance in the Northwest Territories includes the previously mentioned perils in a broad home insurance policy, with the option to include coverage for unintentional damages and the mysterious disappearance of property and content.

How you can save money on home insurance?

Home insurance has many factors when calculating the rates.  Plus, every home insurance company underwriters risk differently, so that is why getting to compare quotes is important. Here are a few things to keep in mind:

Increase your deductible

Increase your deductible

This is the amount you pay towards an insurance claim, so by offering to pay a higher percentage of a future claim, your insurance company will decrease the cost of your premium. But, keep in mind you will be paying more out-of-pocket when, and if, you ever file a claim.

Bundle your insurance

Bundling always helps you save, whether it's your phone, tv, or internet! So, if you have a car, or any other insurable item, think about going with the same insurance company, who will most likely reward you with a discount!

Shop around

Always compare home insurance quotes to see what all your options are on similar policies. No two policies are the same, so comparing will let you choose what's right for you.

How it works
How it works

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Why Surex?

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