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spring cleaning
Mar 18, 2024
3 min
Spring Home Maintenance Tips

Spring is here! The snow has melted and the warm weather has arrived. This transition to warmer weather is a great time for homeowners to spend time on preventative measures by doing seasonal home maintenance checks on their homes.  

There are many things you can do to keep your home and property safe throughout the year. Spring maintenance checklists can include various tasks that involve cleaning and inspecting things inside and outside of your home.

Here are some seasonal maintenance tips to consider to ensure your home is in great shape after the harsh winter months.

Exterior home maintenance tasks:

Check gutters: Clean any debris, check your downspouts, and look out for leaks. Contact a specialist if you require any assistance.

Inspect your chimney: Use a flashlight and check the firebox for any cracks or joints that may start to loosen. You’ll want to ensure the chimney has no fallen leaves or debris. 

Garden and lawn equipment: Put your shed together with all the necessary tools you’ll need for gardening and make sure all lawn equipment is tuned up.

Examine walkways and driveways: Make sure surfaces are level and safe to walk on by repairing any cracks and broken or uneven surfaces. 

Porch, deck, and fence: Look over your fence, porch, or deck for rotting wood, holes, and cracked or splintered wood. Loose nails and unfastened railing can be hazardous. Also, check for signs of pest damage.

Landscaping: Trim trees and bushes that are close to your home and keep away from utility wires. This reduces the risk of falling limbs causing damage during storms. Visually inspect your property for damaged trees and consider removing dead trees that might blow over in heavy winds or storms. Contact a professional for help. 

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Interior home maintenance tasks:

Review your AC unit: Your AC unit will be especially important for the summer months to cool your home efficiently. Make sure it’s in tip-top shape and ready to work for summer by setting the temperature to the desired state, on average 22-26 degrees Celcius. You want the temperature to be comfortable and optimal for savings where you can save 3-5% of cooling costs. 

Smoke and carbon monoxide alarms: Make sure your carbon monoxide detector and smoke alarms are working properly and change batteries if necessary. Also, check your fire extinguisher to ensure there are no leaks and the pin is in place.

Clean out dryer lint hose: The buildup of dryer lint is dangerous as it is highly flammable. Cleaning out any clogged lint from your dryer hose can minimize fire hazards in your home. 

Replace air filters: Examine air filters and swap out any dirty ones, this will help prolong the life of your HVAC system.

Attic check: Check your attic for any mold or water damage from leaks due to melting snow. Also, check for any wildlife that may have nested in the attic over the winter.

Basement check: Basements can be prone to seasonal issues. Check around for signs of leaks and look for cracks in cement walls. Also, check your sump pump and your washing machine hoses, and lastly, check for signs of pests.

After all your springtime home checks are completed this is also a great time to do some general spring cleaning and declutter your home. We generally have more energy after the long winter months so putting that to good use can help you deep clean your house and get organized for the season ahead!

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