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Compare and purchase the best
car insurance rates in Kingston.
Compare and purchase the best
car insurance
rates in Kingston.
Get free & accurate quotes from Canada’s top car insurance providers.
In just a few minutes, our quoter can unlock discounts that can have
you saving hundreds of dollars a year on average.
Get free & accurate quotes from Canada’s top car insurance providers. In just a few minutes, our quoter can unlock discounts that can have you saving hundreds of dollars a year on average.
Type of auto coverage we provide
Liability Coverage
Provides protection against a lawsuit resulting from damaged property or personal injuries.
Comprehensive Coverage
Typically covers fire, hail, theft, collision with an animal, vandalism, and falling objects among others. (subject to a deductible).
Collision Coverage
Provides coverage to repair/replace your car if it's damaged in an at-fault accident, hit and run or with an uninsured driver.
Accident Forgiveness
Allows one 'free' at-fault accident, meaning your rates will not increase on your first accident if you remain with the same provider.
Windshield Coverage
Windows are included in comprehensive* however; you have the option to remove this coverage to lower your premium. (*Not Included in Alberta.)
Car Rental Coverage
You can extend your car insurance coverage to protect you while driving a rental vehicle, up to a certain limit.
Depreciation Coverage
In the event of a "total loss", this coverage will protect you from depreciation. You’ll be entitled to the original price you paid/current sale price.
Family protection
Protects you or a family member if injured or killed in an accident caused by an uninsured/under-insured motorist.
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Get the best rates from Canada’s top insurance providers
Surex can help you save up to 25% on affordable car insurance in Kingston

Post-secondary schools, a strong military presence and… affordable car insurance? It’s true. The city of Kingston is known for having some of the lowest car insurance rates in the country. But, this doesn’t mean that everyone automatically gets low cost auto insurance in Kingston. Drivers still need to do some research in order to get the lowest possible rates.

If you’re looking for affordable, high-quality car insurance in Kingston, you’ve come to the right place! At Surex, we make finding the best automobile insurance quote a frictionless experience. Within ten short minutes, we can provide you with up to ten car personalized car insurance quotes from the top rated car insurance companies in Ontario. Call or click today to learn how you can save as much as 25% on your coverage.

Car Insurance in Kingston - What You Need to Know

There are three types of car insurance in Kingston: 

  • Collision car insurance: coverage for when you and another car or stationary object collide to cover the cost of the repair. 
  • Comprehensive car insurance: provides coverage for hitting an animal, fire, theft, vandalism, flood.
  • Liability car insurance: is required, by law, for all drivers. This insurance protects others from damages caused while you are driving, including property damage, bodily injury, and death.

Car insurance policies in Kingston are offered by any personal lines insurance provider. By contacting the broker channel, they can provide you with multiple options so you can compare prices and the insurance coverage options!

Online insurance for vehicles in Kingston is a contract between customers and insurance companies that protects against financial losses in the case of a car accident or theft.

Yes, all Ontario drivers including drivers in Kingston are required by the Financial Services Commission of Ontario (FSCO) to have a minimum of $200,000 worth of Third Party Liability Coverage, Statutory Accident Benefits Coverage, Uninsured Automobile Coverage, and Direct Compensation & Property Damage Coverage.

If you have a clean driving record in Canada, you’ll save on insurance in Kingston – even as a newcomer. You should also consider bundling your home and automobile insurance with one of the top rated car insurance companies in Ontario for additional savings when you get insurance online.

Drivers in Kingston typically commute fewer than 15,000 kilometres annually at an average of 20 minutes per day.

Today, so many factors go into rating that there’s no one-size-fits-all answer. The best solution is to compare quotes with the best insurance broker and shop the market regularly to increase your chances at getting the best auto insurance quote possible from the top rated car insurance companies in Ontario.

Drivers should shop around online to get the best car insurance rate in Kingston. Getting a free online car insurance quote at an online insurance brokerage like Surex will allow you to speak to a dedicated insurance advisor and learn more about the top rated car insurance companies in Ontario.

Affordable car insurance rates in Kingston are influenced by how often you drive, your driving record, vehicle state, your auto insurance coverage and deductibles.

Drivers must produce several Ontario automobile insurance documents to obtain car insurance in Kingston, Ontario. These include a valid driver’s license, proof of driver’s education training (if completed), vehicle registration, driving history (obtained through Service Ontario), license plate number, current car insurance policy, which drivers will use the vehicle, and payment information.

The most affordable car insurance provider depends on how your unique situation fits into the formula insurance companies create to evaluate policies. For example, one insurer might weigh your driving history more heavily than another. This is why it’s a good idea to compare insurance companies and insurance quotes with Surex. The cheapest auto insurance company isn’t always clear at first but licensed insurance advisors can help answer all questions and provide the best information on getting cheap car insurance in Kingston.

You can contact your assigned Surex insurance broker/advisor or contact the online auto insurance company directly. Make sure you have your policy number and details of the claim prepared when you call about your car insurance in Kingston.

The best road-trip destinations in Kingston

Hit the road with confidence knowing you’re covered with the right car insurance for your needs at
the lowest possible rate. Here are some of the top spots in Kingston to explore on your next road trip.

Top parks in Kingston
  1. Lake Ontario Park
  2. Skeleton Park
  3. Grass Creek Park
Top shopping spots Kingston
  1. Kingston Centre
  2. RioCan Centre
  3. Cataraqui Town Centre
Best sights and landmarks Kingston
  1. Bellevue House National Historic Site
  2. Fort Henry National Historic Site
  3. Kingston Walks
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