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Car Insurance Peterborough

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Peterborough sits in the heart of Southern Ontario on the Otonabee River. It has a population of almost 150,000 people and is a short, scenic drive from both the major cities of Toronto and Ottawa. Peterborough is built on the banks of the Trent-Severn Waterway and features a wide network of walking and hiking trails and is known as the gateway to the Kawarthas, or cottage country. Peterborough was the first town in Canada to have electric street lights, powered by hydro, giving it the nickname: “The Electric City”.

At Surex, we make finding car insurance in Peterborough a quick and simple task. We pair drivers with their own personal insurance advisor, who can help them find and compare coverage options from the best car insurance companies in the province. Contact us today to learn how you can save up to 25% with Surex!

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Types of coverage we provide
Accident Forgiveness

This allows one 'free' at-fault accident, meaning your rates will not increase on your first accident if you remain with the same company.

Car Rental Coverage

You can have your car insurance coverage extend to protect you while driving a rental vehicle up to a certain limit.

Collision Coverage

Provides coverage to repair/replace your car if it's damaged in an at-fault accident, hit and run or with an uninsured driver.

Comprehensive Coverage

Subject to a deductible typically covers fire, hail, theft, collision with an animal, vandalism and falling objects among others.

Depreciation Coverage

In the event of a "Total Loss" this coverage will protect you from depreciation. You’ll be entitled to the original price you paid/current sale price

Family protection

Protects you or a family member if injured or killed in an accident caused by an uninsured/under-insured motorist.

Third Party Liability Coverage

When deemed legally responsible, provides coverage for injuries or damage caused by you to third parties and their property.

Car Insurance in Peterborough - What You Need to Know

The average cost of car insurance in Peterborough is approximately $1,100 per year or just over $90/month. Drivers should shop around online to get the best car insurance rate possible in Peterborough. There are multiple factors that affect a car insurance rating. Car insurance companies take these different variables into account, so the cost of car insurance in Peterborough will vary for everyone! To get the best possible insurance rates, we recommend contacting a licensed insurance advisor to shop the market for you to get the best deals on car insurance!

Yes, all Ontario drivers including drivers in Orillia are required by the Financial Services Commission of Ontario (FSCO) to have a minimum of $200,000 worth of third-party liability coverage, statutory accident benefits coverage, uninsured automobile coverage, and direct compensation & property damage coverage (DCPD).

Auto insurance in Ontario is provided by private insurance carriers and is regulated by the Financial Services Regulatory Authority of Ontario (FSRAO).


Auto insurance companies use a variety of different factors in considering when underwriting a new policy. Factors include driving history, location, and type of vehicle. If the vehicle is financed, the finance company might require carrying full coverage. This means that you would need to have collision and comprehensive coverages on your policy. 

Top Things to do In Peterborough
  1. Peterborough Lift Lock
  2. Riverview Park and Zoo
  3. The Canadian Canoe Museum
Best Landmarks in Peterborough
  1. Trent-Severn Waterway, Lock 21 - Peterborough Lift Lock
  2. Jackson Park
  3. Del Cray Park
Best Shopping Sites in Peterborough
  1. Lansdowne Place
  2. Downtown Peterborough
  3. Planet of Stuff

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Speak to a Dedicated Advisor

insurance advisor

Licensed Insurance Advisor

Questions to ask your Dedicated Insurance Assistant:

  • Compare insurance costs

  • Request higher deductibles

  • Reduce your coverage amount on older vehicles

  • Combine homeowners’ and auto coverage with the same insurance provider

  • Maintain a good driving record

The cheapest car insurance provider will depend on every customer’s unique situation. Every company has its own formula, meaning some criteria like driving record or age may weigh more than others. It’s a good idea to compare rates from various insurers with Surex so that licensed insurance advisors can shop the market for you.

There are three types of car coverage in Canada. 

  • Collision car insurance: coverage for when you and another car or stationary object collide to cover the cost of the repair. 
  • Comprehensive car insurance: provides coverage for hitting an animal, fire, theft, vandalism, flood.
  • Liability car insurance: is required, by law, for all drivers. This insurance protects others from damages caused while you are driving, including property damage, bodily injury, and death.

It does not cover regular repairs resulting from wear and tear on your car.

Car insurance coverage in Peterborough is broken down into two categories: mandatory and optional. Here is what each coverage includes:

Mandatory coverage:

  • Third-party liability
  • Accident benefits 
  • Uninsured automobile insurance
  • Direct Compensation Property Damage (DCPD)

Optional coverage:

  • Collision insurance
  • Comprehensive car insurance
  • Specified perils
  • All perils
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