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Apr 18, 2024
3 min
The Best Outdoor Renovations and Upgrades to Increase the Value of Your Home

First impressions are always important, but when selling real estate in the competitive spring market, improving curb appeal is one of the easiest ways to motivate buyers to make an offer. After all, who wouldn’t pay more for the most beautiful house on the block? Whether selling a big-city condo or a detached house in a quiet cul-de-sac, our friends at Zoocasa say you should consider these renovations and home improvements to make your listing the top choice in your neighbourhood.

Let There Be Lighting 

Lighting is integral to interior design—even when decorating an outdoor space. Adding security lighting in the walkway near the driveway is practical and also enhances safety, making potential buyers feel more secure. Meanwhile, twinkling lights can set the mood for your outdoor space, creating a cozy and inviting atmosphere they can enjoy any time of day. 

Add a Seating Area

Staging outdoor space is more important than ever, especially when selling smaller properties. For example, many buyers in urban areas consider it a luxury to have private outdoor space, and adding seating can help people envision how to maximize a terrace or balcony. Don't forget to add a small table and an outdoor rug to pull the space together.

Install a Fire Pit

Even in the warmest months of the year, temperatures drop significantly during the evening. For individuals looking to maximize their outdoor living space, investing in a fire pit is a smart choice. It can significantly enhance comfort and enable them to enjoy their backyard late at night. After all, nothing feels more special and Canadian than roasting s'mores by the fire on summer nights. 

Low Maintenance Landscaping

Incorporating plants into your outdoor space is a great way to enhance its curb appeal. Trees and shrubs provide privacy, while potted flowers add charm and create a tidy and welcoming first impression. Hanging flower baskets are a simple upgrade that can add a touch of beauty without needing a green thumb. 

Paint Your Front Door

Your front door plays a crucial role in making a good first impression, and giving it a fresh coat of paint can enhance the entire entrance. Typically, traditional homes look great with dark, rich colours on their doors, but in some markets, brighter, more vibrant colours can give homes a more modern feel.

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Restain Your Deck

Giving your exterior a fresh coat of stain can make a big difference. It's an easy upgrade that adds a lot of polish to your outdoor space. Decks are super important in gardens, but they can start to look worn out after a while, especially with the sun fading them. Adding a new coat of stain can bring your deck back to life, making it look brand new.
Change Your Number 
Improving curb appeal involves paying attention to small details, like updating your house numbers. Replace old-fashioned digits with stylish, contemporary ones to give your home a fresh look and stand out from neighbouring houses.

New Garage Doors

For bigger budgets, don’t overlook updating your garage doors. Besides being one of the first things people notice, attached garage doors also serve a practical purpose. Many new modern options have smart features that allow remote monitoring and control, while certain materials can boost energy efficiency. Additionally, incorporating elements like glass panels or faux wood finishes can enhance the overall look of your exterior. 

Upgrade Your Patio Doors

Like new garage doors, upgrading patio doors can have a similar impact. For instance, choosing sleek, sliding pocket doors can save valuable space. Additionally, you can choose from various screen options, such as integrated screens, which keep insects and wildlife at bay while you enjoy the outdoors. This upgrade lets buyers make the most of the fresh air and surrounding views. 

How to Choose Outdoor Home Improvements With the Best ROI

Improving your outdoor living space can make all the difference in helping your listing stand out among the competition. Researching your home's current value and understanding your budget and time constraints are essential considerations before making any improvements. Unsure which project to tackle? Enlist the expertise of a trusted real estate agent to help you choose what to prioritize for your space. Their personalized advice ensures your investments match potential buyers' preferences, streamlining the sale process and making it a breeze from start to finish. 

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