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Compare and purchase the best
home insurance rates in Summerside.
Compare and purchase
the best home insurance
rates in Summerside.
Get free & accurate quotes from Canada’s top insurance providers.
In just a few minutes, our quoter can unlock discounts that can have
you saving hundreds of dollars a year on average.
Get free & accurate quotes from Canada’s top insurance providers. In just a few minutes, our quoter can unlock discounts that can have you saving hundreds of dollars a year on average.
Type of Coverage We Provide
Home Insurance
This provides coverage for loss and damage to your property and/or any assets.
Liability Coverage
Provides protection against a lawsuit resulting from damaged property or personal injuries.
A predetermined amount of money that you must pay towards the cost of the claim. Home insurance has different deductibles for different coverage.
Sewer Backup, Overland/Ground Water
These are optional coverages you can buy that protect you for water damage such as sewer back up and fresh water flooding.
Claims Forgiveness
This allows for the protection of your “claims free discount” in the event of your first claim.
Scheduled Items
Referring to 'special limits' on items like jewellery or art if the value is greater than the special limit you should list the item separately.
Comprehensive Insurance Coverage
When you purchase comprehensive home coverage, it means you are covered for anything that is not excluded.
Broad Coverage
When you purchase broad home coverage, it limits your contents coverage to only specific coverages, (ie. theft, fire, water damage, etc.)
Comparing rates from Canada's leading Insurance Providers
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Save up to 25% on affordable home insurance in Summerside!

Summerside, PEI is the second-largest city in the province with a small population of almost 15,000 people. It is a quaint waterfront community with all the amenities its residents need. It boasts one of the lowest utility, sewer access and property tax rates in the country as well as low real estate prices, making this city both affordable and accessible as living options without compromising on infrastructure. Summerside is home to the Harbourfront Theatre which attracts world-class entertainers and plays host to many festivals and other outdoor events. There is a lot to explore on this tiny island, with the many redeveloped sites turned into parkland as well as the waterfront boardwalk. And, of course, Summerside was the home to fictional character Anne of Green Gables for three years!

Home insurance is not legally required in Canada, especially for those who have paid off their home. But, it is mandatory for those who need to get a mortgage. Since buying a home is one of the biggest investments people make, it's important to consider getting affordable home insurance to protect the place they live, raise a family and keep their belongings. These are all things that a homeowners insurance policy from the top Canadian home insurance companies in PEI can cover and we can help with that. Contact your dedicated Surex insurance broker today to learn more.

Home Insurance In Summerside

Because all insurance companies offer different rates and different coverage types, it’s difficult to say what the ‘best’ insurance company is. Your individualized property needs will dictate the right provider for you. Some of the most popular home insurance companies in Summerside include Economical, Wananesa, Travelers, Royal Sun Alliance (RSA), Intact and Aviva.

The most affordable home insurance provider depends on how your situation fits into the formula companies create to evaluate policyholders. Comparing online insurance quotes with Surex will allow you to get the cheapest price on home insurance and get you the best insurance coverage for your situation.

For homeowners who hold a mortgage, having home insurance is a necessity. This is because banks and mortgage lenders want to know borrowers (i.e. homeowners) have a backup plan in case one of three unfortunate events happens: (1) something happens to the homeowner’s home (either repairable damages or a total loss), (2) someone is inadvertently injured while on the homeowner’s property, or (3) the homeowner accidentally causes damage to another person’s property. A basic home insurance policy will cover a homeowner in any of those three scenarios, and will — by extension — ensure the homeowner will remain financially fit to continue servicing their mortgage.

On the other hand, if you own your residence outright (i.e. you’ve paid off your mortgage), you are not required by any level of government in Canada to hold a home insurance policy. However, when you compare the cost of an annual insurance policy — usually somewhere in the $800 to $1,200 range — to the value of your home and its contents, it becomes clear that protecting your assets is a wise move. Surex strongly recommends home insurance for all homeowners — just be sure to shop around and find a policy that’s affordable!

Top Attractions in Summerside
  1. College of Piping and Celtic Performing Arts of Canada
  2. Wyatt Historic House Museum
  3. Summerside Farmer's Market
Best Outdoor Activities in Summerside
  1. Bay Walk Boardwalk Trail System
  2. Heather Moyse Heritage Park
  3. Red Sand Island
Best Seafood Restaurants in Summerside
  1. Deckhouse
  2. Jolly Roger's Seafood
  3. Breakwater Bar & Grill
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